October 30, 2015


Okono Import / Export & Distribution Services

Warehousing Imports

  • We import your products into the United States efficiently, safely, and properly
  • We stock your product in our warehouse
  • Your products are thereby available for sales/delivery instructions from an authorized manufacturer’s representative
  • We can also drop ship your product to another distributor
  • Products can ship out under your name
  • We can handle any necessary invoicing related to the shipment and sale of your product
Wholesale Distribution
Our wholesales distribution supplier of steel tubing and components. Such as steel barriers and railings.

  • Your products are stocked in our warehouse
  • We will make your products available to an established network of re-sellers
  • We ship directly to the re-sellers


Direct Retail
International direct sales to business and personal individuals. Under Discount Directionals or other identity that we help you create.

  • We’ll sell your product directly to customers
  • You’ll benefit from our expert knowledge about the U.S. market for fabricated metal products
  • Your product will receive increased exposure as part of our larger product offering mix
Discount Directionals

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